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As a keynote speaker Christian Hainsch, delivers inspiring & pathbreaking speeches and lectures.


He is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and trainer, known for his practical and insightful approach to leadership and ethics.


Christian draws on his extensive experience working with organizations across borders, industries and sectors, sharing his insights on how leaders can foster ethical behavior and build strong, sustainable businesses. He challenges leaders to think critically about their values and the impact of their decisions on their organizations and the wider world.


Whether you are a business leader looking to improve your organization's ethical culture or a professional seeking to learn more about leadership and ethics, Christians keynote speeches and lectures will leave you inspired and equipped with practical tools to drive positive change. 

Current topics for keynote speeches & lectures:


Ethics Impulse 2024!

Ethics is the key to successful and sustainable business, good corporate governance and compliance. This keynote will give you insights into the current trends and developments in ethics in business and leadership and help you to improve your business and adapt to the latest developments.


Why Ethics matter!

Ethics is  is essential for our society and our culture. This keynote will inspire you and is not only good for business but also for your personal growth!


The Ethical Leader

What makes a ethical leader who is able to inspire people and run business in a sustainable and succesful way? In this keynote I will take you with me on a ethical journey.


Leadership and management in the 21st century

Challenges and changes for a transformative approach to sustainable leadership. 


Human centered business

An insightful journey on what people expect and need - over various generations. 


Value-oriented leadership and management - how does it work?

How businesses can setup sustainable structures and maintain a mindful treatment of people and resources.


Opening a new dimension in time-management and stress-relief

How can we consider time in a different way, which opens us more value for life and business.


Infinite acceleration or forced deceleration?

Can we cope with a faster and faster way of life or do we need active deceleration? 


The history of ethics 

An exciting journey through the history of ethics and its development in the course of human history. The lecture gives an insight and outlook into ethics and morality and shows how we can apply them in the 21st century. 


Introduction to business ethics

A lecture on the development of business ethics and the current standards for ethical behavior in companies.


Philosophy, religion, culture - where do ethics come from?


Ethics is as old as mankind and has always been a topic of intense discussions and controversis throughout history. In modern times ethics claim to be a brain-child of philosopy, but is this true. This lecture will help you to understand where ethical values come from and how you can apply them in business, leadership and private. 

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